We aim to bring to you the best of both the worlds – exploration and charity, while gaining new life experiences and honing your knowledge of wildlife and photography skills.


We offer expertise amidst the raw natural beauty of savannas and jungles around the world. You can experience some of the world’s most diverse range of wilderness and topography when you choose to travel with Wild Planets. 


40% of our profits help support wildlife conservation initiatives and the local communities we serve. 


Africa is an immersion into a magical landscape that bridges golden savannah plains and dense emerald rainforests. Protected areas including wetland and biosphere reserves are upheld to maintain the population of Africa’s pristine wild animals of all types. Here is where unspoiled natural beauty roams free.

There is enough biodiversity for photographers to capture during any season- but visiting May - October offers the highest assurance of animal interaction. 

The time I spent in the jungles held unalloyed happiness for me, and that happiness I would now gladly share. My happiness, I believe, resulted from the fact that all wildlife is happy in its natural surroundings. In nature there is no sorrow, and no repining. A bird from a flock, or an animal from a herd, is taken by hawk or carnivorous beast and those that are left rejoice that their time had not come today, and have no thought of tomorrow.
— Jim Corbett, Jungle Lore

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